HMPC Veggie Empty Capsules


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Find the best ever vegetarian capsules of your choice from us, we offer high quality empty vegetable capsules in most affordable prices. It is the right place for you to go through all the products offered and select according to your choice. We have wide range of products designed according to your specific needs.. We are operating at a place which is the best location for the manufacturing of hygiene material and packing products. Shanxi JC Biological Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most admired and appreciated companies by the customers. Hence we decided to go global and try to satisfy all the potential customers out there waiting for a best company to deal with. The half of our sales counts to those who make repeatedly orders from our company showing the level of confidence on the company and also the loyalty of themselves to the company’s products. The reason is of course the superior quality of our products at significantly low prices. We are only able to provide such offers due to our qualified and expert staff that works tirelessly to come up with superior quality and innovative solution.

One of the key reasons of our company in satisfying our customers is the product delivery on time without any delay and also at lesser rates. We are based at the city of Yingxian, Shuozhou, which is in the Shanxi province of china. This city is located near to Tianjin port making us possible to deliver the requested orders, of any amount, to our customer in no time and lesser rates. This place is also very suitable for the production of pharmaceutical products like empty vegetable capsules

We currently have twelve product lines and we have plans to increase the number of product lines in future and also planning for product expansion and extension in the near future. We already have a large production capacity which enables us to meet the big orders of our customers. The leading products of us are various types of empty veggie capsules which include Bright-Polypullulan and Goh-Veg HPMC capsules. The sizes of these products also varies for providing more customized product, some sizes include 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#. The customer can be benefited by their required size of a product and can select from this variety of its own choice.

Our manufactured empty veggie capsules are best of its kinds because of the extra care and efforts our expert put on the manufacturing of these products. This enables us to give the best product of the category to our clients so they could also enjoy the benefits of our manufactured empty vegetable capsules by using them for their valuable and branded products.

The most appreciated effort of our company is the production of Bright Poly pullulan and Goh-veg HPMC capsules in our highly developed and equipped cGMP factories. We strictly implement the good manufacturing practices in our factories that enabled us to enjoy good reputation within and outside the industry. The empty veggie capsules of these categories need extra care and special efforts which we are meeting very well. The Bright Poly pullulan is the capsule based on pure vegetable based pullulan, it is low oxygen permeating, chemically inert and has low water activity whereas Goh-veg HPMC capsule is made up of non-GMO USP grade HPMC which has a great value for all the vegetarian applications.

We are running a strong customer driven strategy that put special emphasis on the customer satisfaction and take into consideration all the possible concerns and issues related the product category. This is why the empty vegetable capsules we manufacture are not just according to industry standards but also are accordance with consumers requirements. We openly allow our customer to give feedback about our manufactured product and also the services provided by us. The feedback helps us in providing customized products like empty veggie capsules to the customer who has specific needs regarding the product.