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JC Empty Capsules., ltd is the Chinas leading company involve in the production of empty vegetable capsules. The factory is placed at a pollution free environment which is the basic requirement for the production of pharmaceutical products. The capsules manufactured by our company are produced taking into special consideration all the necessary precautions needed to produce such product. This is the reason why our company is being trusted most by the customers from different regions.

The factory of our is located at Yingxian,Shuozhou City in the province of Shanxi. This is the safest area for the production of pharmaceutical products and the environment is clean of all the pollutions. The city is located near the Tianjin port making it easy for us to supply the bulk real fast, so we are able to provide bulk amount of products to our customers faster than anyone else in the industries. So it is easy for the customer to make short term orders any time.

We are offering 12 product lines yet which include Bright-Polypullulan capsules and Goh-Veg HPMC capsules. These two are the main product on which we are specialized and are offering the best of a kind. We offer this product in six different sizes. The sizes are 00,0,1,2,3,4.

We believe in the long term relationship with our customers and thus we want to delight our customers with superior product and services rather than just satisfying our customers. the aim of the company is to support their customer to maximum extent. This helped us to be the leader in the industry and we are successfully retaining our customers and entertaining their repeated order from many years. We consider our customers as our partners and try to serve them the way they want it.

You can select your desired product and contact us from any channel; our associate will always be there to answer your queries so feel free to select your desired product from:www.jcemptycapsules.com

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